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Welcome to Surf n Sea on the world famous North Shore of Oahu, the other side of Hawaii. A little over an hour outside of Honolulu, on the opposite end of the island you will find a completely different view of Hawaii. Away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki, or “town”, North Shore is known as the “country”. You won’t find an ABC Store on every corner, you won’t sit in endless traffic. There is only one hotel, and you will not want to leave!

The North Shore centers around historic Haleiwa Town, where the most important part of the day is waking up to check the surf. The people here are friendly and they say hi to each other. Haleiwa is a slow paced surf town that aims to stay that way.

So if you are looking to get away for a while, or just passing through as you head around the island, make sure you stop by Surf n Sea in Haleiwa. We can help you with all kinds of great local info about the North Shore, and if you would like to say you conquered the world-famous North Shore waves, you are in the right spot.

We are located right on the beach in Haleiwa. We are the starting point of the "7 Mile Miracle", seven miles of the best surfing beaches in the world. Since the North Shore is our 'backyard' we know all the ins and outs of surfing the world famous beaches here. We offer surfing lessons, surf tours, surfboard rentals, sales & repairs. Your one-stop shop for the novice to the professional.

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